Discover a new generation
of connected defibrillators

For saving lives in your office, your house, or your town

Lifeaz is proud to work with

Learn or refresh your knowledge of first aid techniques thanks to Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes is a digital platform that teaches life saving techniques in an enjoyable, gamified, and continuous way. The platform was developed with and approved by the Paris Fire Department, the biggest intervention unit in Europe. Everyday Heroes can be used in addition to classic physical training course (PSC1, SST, AFGSU…). Before and After.

Discover a new generation of connected defibrillator

Simple and easy to use by anyone

The Lifeaz Defibrillator is meant to be used in the simplest way possible. The vocal instructions guide you step by step and as soon as the electrodes are placed on the victim's chest, the defibrillator takes over.


Completely automatic

The defibrillator analyzes the cardiac rhythm and decides what therapy to deliver. You have no decision to make.

Trustworthy, connected and geolocated.

The connectivity simplifies device maintenance to be sure that the defibrillator is operational at all times and makes it an always evolving product.

The press is talking about Lifeaz

"Lifeaz reinvents the defibrillator"

"The defibrillator of the future"

"The first defibrillator created for home use"

"Eight medical and e-health start-ups will try their chance in the United States"

"Simple to use, the machine is connected to ensure correct operation at any moment"

"A reference point in addition to the hands-on training"

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