How to stay cool during a heatwave

It's hot, really hot...and it's only getting hotter! 🥵

A heatwave is characterized by intense heat lasting three or more days without dropping at night (or only a little).

Heat causes fatigue and potentially fatal issues like dehydration or heat stroke. 😵

So what can you do to protect yourself during a heatwave?

What to do during a heatwave...

  • Avoid physical activity and try not to be outside during the hottest hours of the day
  • Drink water frequently 🤪
  • Keep your home cool by closing the shutters and windows
  • Above all, check in on your loved ones: particularly the elderly, the differently abled or those in fragile health 😉

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And if, despite all these efforts, you feel heatstroke coming on?

In case of heatstroke...

  • Call 112 (EU) / 911 (US) for a medical opinion 🚑

There are many warning signs of heat stroke. One most commonly experiences: cramps, unusual fatigue, headache, nausea or fainting, and even incoherent speech and fever in the worst cases.

Buildings, businesses, and public spaces equiped with an AED have a sticker displayed at the entrance